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February / March 2014

Reed Mariculture Inc. Instant Algae® Marine Microalgae Concentrates - So Easy to Use!

In the first installment of the RTI addition to this magazine, we introduced a number of products manufactured or distributed by Reed Mariculture, Inc. In this issue, we’ll show you just how easy it is to use these products.

Instant Algae RotiGrow products for cobia and other finfish larvi-culture

RotiGrow Plus® and RotiGrow Nanno

Pour directly into the tank as indicated in the tables below, based on your system requirements and anticipated harvest rate. Reed Mariculture recommends a minimum harvest of 35% per day for continuous production systems. Feed continuously for best results.

N-Rich, Phospholipid-Rich Enrichment Formula

Directions for use (Standard doses are for the RMI 165 micron (0.18ng/rotifer) L-Type rotifer. Adjust dosage if your rotifers are larger or smaller. For enriching rotifers at densities up to 3,000 per ml increase feeding proportional to density): A six-hour enrichment at 1,000 rotifers/ml is standard. Enrichment can be as short as 1 hour or longer than 8 hours depending on the enrichment target. Carefully monitor dissolved oxygen and maintain near saturation (above 16% partial pressure of 7ppm). Rinsing rotifers is usually not necessary. More protocol information can be found at

Batch feeding doses:

  1. Feed directly to the enrichment tank once every 3 hours.
  2. Premixing is not necessary. DO NOT BLEND. Blending may damage algal cells.

Continuous feeding (preferred method):

  1. Feed directly to the enrichment tank with a peristaltic pump.
  2. N-Rich may be diluted with clean seawater and suspended with minimal aeration or “mini” aquarium pump.
  3. Keep the feed chilled in an ice chest or small refrigerator.

Otohime® Larval Weaning Diet

Otohime Marine Weaning Diets from Japan provide superior nutrition in a pelletized form for juvenile and adult fish. Specially formulated for feeding to marine fish, they come in an array of sizes to meet the nutritional needs of marine fish as they grow and develop.

Shellfish Diet 1800®

Shellfish Diet 1800® is a mix of four marine microalgae that all have demonstrated success with a variety of shellfish including oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops.

Shellfish Diet can be used with pre-set larvae all the way up through broodstock and will typically perform as well as live algae so it can be used as a complete live algae replacement.  1 quart of Shellfish Diet will replace the equivalent to 1800 liters of dense algae culture. This product is available in plastic bottles of 1 quart (standard) and 10 Liter Cubitainer® sizes (special orders).

  1. Shellfish Diet can be poured directly into the larval tank, but pre-diluting is preferred; a peristaltic pump for feeding may be used.
  2. Stir to mix feed; DO NOT BLEND.

Just Thaw and Feed!

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