Aquaculture Magazine

August / September 2014 Issue


  • Editors Comments

    By C. Greg Lutz

  • A call to action

    So how much “action” was there, really, at the Global Ocean Action Summit for Food Security and Blue Growth” held in The Hague, in the Netherlands, from April 22nd – 25th?

  • Genetics and Breeding

    In almost any discussion of commercial aquaculture these days, sooner or later the topic of genetics comes up. 

  • Marine Finfish Aquaculture

    What an honor it is for me to contribute to Aquaculture Magazine on the topic of marine finfish farming. My 25 year career in aquaculture has focused on stock replenishment of marine fish, particularly the sciaenid Atractoscion nobilis, which is known locally as white seabass. 

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Sea lice Caligus rogercresseyi, a big threat to the Chilean salmon

    The parasitic copepod has been present off the coast of Chile long before aquaculture developed and also affects wild fish. 

  • Editor in Chief Welcome

    So, here you are, reading the introductory issue of the “new” Aquaculture Magazine. Some of us are seeing this industry publication for the first time, but many others have fond memories of its prior history and are anxious to welcome it back.