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FoS certification for Tunisian farm

Tunisian aquaculture farm L’Aquaculture Tunisienne has received Friend of the Sea (FoS) certification for its sea bass and seabream. 

Tunisia: The company’s hatchery has a capacity of 20 million of fry. The on-growing take place in a pond with a capacity of 1,500 tonnes per year and a seawater intake of 10,000 litres per second.

"We are particularly fond of the Friend of the Sea certification, as it allows us to independently confirm our full engagement to sustainability at international level,” said Karim Garnaoui, CEO, L’Aquaculture Tunisienne.

L’Aquaculture Tunisienne, founded in 1988, says it manages the potential environmental impacts through the monitoring of water parameters, preventing impact on the surrounding ecosystem and managing waste appropriately. Filtering screens are also installed in each pond and each channel water discharge.

Its fish escape prevention system has also been improved and the energy management system was also compliant with the FoS requirements. The company adopts an annual monitoring plan of its energy production.

In addition, an advanced mechanism of micro-hydro turbines has been installed in order to generate electricity and improve the energy efficiency of the farm.

The company represents the first aquaculture farm in Tunisia and is specialised in the reproduction, farming and marketing of European sea bass and gilthead sea bream.


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